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Better Wealthier


The internet is growing at an amazing pace every day. Now is the perfect time to make life easier on the phenomena that is Social Media.

If you are a member of a social network, consciously or not, you are part of some companies’s “Target Market”. The simply fact to invite friends to join your social network, means you already helping other to make money.

What we do is to give you the choice to share in our revenue and make life easier for you and for the people you care about.

Think about this: the worldwide Retail Ecommerce Sales Reached $1.915 Trillion in 2016. Double-digit growth will continue through 2020, when sales will top $4 trillion.

This fact should make us wonder, whom are we making millionaires when we shop? What do we get from these millionaires when we give them our hard earned money? A BIG NOTHING!

Here at Jamaya Marketing, Ltd., we have created a program based on online wealth sharing. Remember “You Have the Power  to Choose Where to Shop”! Your can make the decision to keep handing your money to same businesses or shop from the businesses that share the wealth with you and you can share it with your friends, neighbors and relatives this concept is called Smart Shopping.

Come on in! The Pay Plan is easy, you can move up really quickly: Consumer, Sponsor, Leader and the Regional Director:

ccard1. The Consumer:

As a consumer you can make money by saving it. How Much Can You Save?

You save anywhere from 20% to 60% or even more when shopping at our participating businesses. You can save lots of money per year. Just check out our deals.

money42. As Sponsor: You have many opportunities to put some fun in your life.

  1. Between 7 pm-10 pm spend a few minutes selecting some promotions here and post them on social sites or send them via email.
  2. Any time you have a chance print our flyer and stop by your favorite business, show them what is trending. According to “USA Today” 91% of consumers own smartphones, and 9 out of 10 mobile searches result in a local purchase. The fact is that you can help them join the $4 trillion winners:

NOTE: When you are logged in, our system follows every promotion that you share or email and follows the people that click on them, visit our pages, track activities they do and pays you many commissions.

Commission 1 = 5%

Personal Network

You get 5% from every “Appointment or purchase” made by any person that you have invited or sponsored with any MyCashbay Business Member.


 If you sponsor 300 people your commission is: the # of Appointments or Purchases made by these 300 people per month (x) 5% of the monthly fee paid to MyCashbay by the businesses making those sales or appointments.

Commission 2 = 10%

Business Network

If you invite or sponsor businesses, you will profit 10% from every “Appointment or Sale” paid by every business that you have sponsored.


If you sponsor 100 businesses your commission is: the # of Appointments or Sales made by the businesses per month (x) 10% of the monthly fee paid by the businesses for those sales or appointments.

robertkiyosakisquadrants3. As Leader.

Albert Einstein defines madness as: “If you keep doing What You’ve Always Been doing, you will keep getting What You Always Been getting.”

It just makes sense: if you keep doing the same thing for the next 5 years; what will be different for you? NOTHING! – can you take that risk?

Definition of Leader: The social influence of a person to maximize the efforts of others toward achievement a greater good.

Join us and influence other to achieve greater benefits from the Trillions of dollars available online.

  • We don’t even have cover 0.001% of the market
  • We have little and in some areas where you live there’s no competition at all
  • Are you interested in supplementing your income? If you are, when do you think would be the best time to start? Right now or after all your friends are doing it?
  • Think about. We are searching for open minded Entrepreneurial individuals who plain and simple want to make money and succeed in life.

–”what would happen if you do this business for the next  5 years?

Network Levels

We pay the Leader that helps you 5% from each “Apt or Sale” made by the first 10 people that you sponsored and MyCashbay got paid from these businesses.

After completing those 10 people, You become the new leader and get paid 5% from each “Apt or Sale” paid by businesses from every person within all Levels of your network not including your first 10 people.

Example: If you sponsor 300 people: Your leader gets the first 10 people that you sponsored and you get  5% from each “Apt or Sale” (A/S) from the additional 290 people that you sponsored.

Level 1

1 A/S x 5% x # of A/S x 290 people = $$$$

Level 2

290 pp x 10 pp = 2900 people:

1 A/S x 5% x # of A/S x 2900 pp = $$$$

Level 3

2900 pp x 10 pp = 29,000 people:

1 A/S x 5% x # of A/S x 29,000 pp = $$$$

Level 4

29,00 pp x 10 pp = 290,000 people:

1 A/S x 5% x # of A/S x 290,000 pp = $$$$

Level 5 

290,000 pp x 10 pp = 2,900,000 people:

1 A/S x 5% x # of A/S x 2,900,000 pp = $$$$

In Perpetuity

Perpetual Commission



girl_happy4. Regional Director

If you really want to make serious money, Regional Director Positions are readily available across the country. You will profit 5% of every sale or appointment within your entire region. You will represent our company in the region. Contact 516-770-0603 for information.

Remember, Everyone shops – We were born to spend money!

In the U.S. we spend more than 400 billion dollars a month, with this figure open minded entrepreneurial people can make more money in 3 years, than most people earn in 30 years of hard work.

boatconvention5. Yearly Convention Bonus 5%

Paid one time per year: Available to all 100 top leaders or the top 10% of sales force, whatever is larger. A pool of 5% of gross sales will be assigned to our yearly extravaganza celebration. This is for you! You deserve it.

The difference between this system and your present job is that often in just a few years this system will do most of the work for you and you literally could live better, happier and wealthier.


Got questions about this graphic call us, we’ll be glad to show you where the “Dinero” is:

Jamaya Marketing, Ltd. ♦ 516-770-0603    ♦

Shop and save now or catch up hundreds of Dollars for passing these deals to your friends on social sites

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